Winchester Cathedral

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It has been a while since we visited a cathedral, but we were overawed by Winchester Cathedral last weekend. With Number Two son in tow, we were unsure how this would play out – spiritual and cultural buildings attract different personalities, but we could not have had a more interesting afternoon out.

The more one explores, the more there is to see; it appears to extend for ever, and is a living, breathing organism with a life and soul which is palpable. We saw and were guided round the crypt, took in the Winchester Bible and listened to the beautiful choir practising their ensemble. All that was missing were the bones of the Ancient Kings, in particular those of Knut, which were having their casks renovated.

Entrance was the same as Rosslyn Chapel, but allows further opportunities to return using the same tickets for up to a year.

A really beautiful experience, with guides who were knowledgable and approachable, who could spin a yarn effortlessly; sometimes one felt transported hither and thither through the centuries! More pictures on their website:



Rosslyn Chapel


We made visit to Rosslyn Chapel one morning in half term now that the visitor centre and Chapel are complete and all signs of building work have gone. Autumn in Bonnie Scotland is just fabulous – especially as this year it has been so mild (if a little breezy), and the sunshine on the fields, hills and beaches has been a fantastic tonic. We love visiting castles and antiquities, and had been looking forward to this for a while (ever since Son #1 had emigrated to Edinburgh in truth), and so eventually we managed to pull it off this holiday.

The Landmark Trust

It is unique, and in many ways a testament to the skills of the artisans who lived here so many centuries ago. Despite there being a service when while we waited to view the interior, there was a distinct lack of REVERENCE and although I am sure He is still present, it was difficult to find that quiet voice within whilst touring the site (especially with children running round squealing in French).

The remains of the castle are 10 minutes walk behind the graveyard and wood – a good view of the valley in all its Autumn glory!

You cannot take photos or videos inside the Chapel, and the guide book is limited.

Advice: take a pair of opera glasses or binoculars to view the carvings at length and in detail – the lighting is not terrific and the carvings are tiny and quite a height.

Lovely Hot Chocolate in the Cafe.



John Wooden

Supreme coach, great teacher, inspirational leader. A site dedicated to him here.

John Wooden Pyramid for Success

John Wooden Pyramid for Success

David Goode Sculptures

I couldn’t afford one 18 years ago – but now he does minatures! I know what is on my birthday wish list!!


Go see the other pixies, goblins and fairies at his website here.

They are also very reminiscent of Brian Froud fairies.

brian froud elf

Perhaps they are related??


Rules of the car

1. “Respect a man’s car, and the man will respect you”
2. “Greet the Man”
3. “Seat Belt”

Business Rules

1. “The deal is the deal”
2. “No names”
3. “Never open the package”
4. “Never make a promise you can’t keep”

Banksy Artwork

cat and mouse banksy-flowers-canvas banksy_rat_soho_440x330 balloongirl banksy-out-of-bed-241-p

It started with a t-shirt….. I’m sure he would be horrified. Look up Banksy artwork here.

Nature by Numbers


Amazing, but the other work by this artist is truly awe inspiring. http://www.etereaestudios.com/docs_html/general_index_htm/works_01.htm My favourite is Falling Water.

Nazca Lines

You might wonder how they constructed them – this article gives up some secrets http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2010/03/nasca/hall-text


Nasa Images

These could steal a lifetime if you get really fascinated be them. http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/


You can study Solar and Wave theory Maths modules at some Universities.

The Smithsonian

Never been here, but an interesting site http://www.si.edu/Educators

Fractal Designs

Ever wondered how graphics artists make use of maths? Look on this site pixeltango.com for some really exceptionally beautiful software generated art using FRACTALS. This design is one of many featured:

Fleur d'Apo by Jeff

Fleur d’Apo by Jeff

Cartoon Software

At the other end of the scale of modern ‘art’ try creating your own cartoons on Toondoo – find me under ‘comicmaths’. Have fun exploring!

P for Perimeter