Yep… it’s me

Wee Teecher Moi!

If your passion turns into an obsession – which is also your profession – then you no longer WORK


When it was just done

Educator in England ; Love teaching and learning Mathematics with Years 7 through to Further Maths with Year 13, and those students who still keep in touch.

My aim is to inspire a passion for learning and doing Maths.


Slug proof, so good for our garden

Since I cannot clone myself I have to make do with being busy almost 24 hours a day! They say that if you want a job doing you should give it to  a busy person – they will always be able to fit another in, so I go by this adage. Saying that I would love the time to do all those other things I really enjoy – maths, writing, reading, gardening, spending time with family, the dog, the parrot, at the beach. For someone who has spent a lifetime solving problems you might think I would have sorted this dichotomy out now. Work-life balance exists apparently: it depends on what your priorities/ethics/perspectives on life are.

lilly marlene

Fabulous fragrance

In the meantime, with summer (!) round the corner, that means revision and more revision, exams and trying to get students the best results possible.

buildwas abbey

A little piece of Heaven

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