Collaborative Learning

Apparently, Einstein is wrong about the age by which scientists will make important discoveries: It would seem that for physicists (at least) 48 is the new 30.

Notwithstanding that “After Einstein: Scientific genius is extinct”, an article by Dean Keith Simonton in Nature, has provoked discussion about the nature of solo genius.

Given that future jumps in scientific discovery are more likely to come from collaborations, this article might be of interest.

To inspire the next generation, we should understand what is needed by this generation. The question is that current traditional teaching models are not up to speed with societal demands here and now – yet although parents frequently complain about the poor state of their own education (and hence that teachers and schools are not good enough) they are hamstrung about changes which might affect their own offspring’s education.

Visit Dylam Wiliam here  in his ‘Journey to Excellence’ to follow his developments in this field.


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