The Extra Mile – Easter Holiday Revision



We spent two of the first few days into the Easter holiday helping our GCSE and A Level students to revise for their maths exams. For some this is the first opportunity to organise their time to suit themselves and drop in to ask about topics that matter to them. Some students are still looking to be weaned off lessons, and it is a this independence we are trying to develop in students.

Exams are high stakes these days, and although there maybe some sound reasoning behind the comments of the like: ‘if you can’t do it in the given lesson time there is something wrong with the system’, I think in reality, we are a truly comprehensive school, and we want all students to have the opportunities which good exam results can offer.

So for those who have never bought into education (including their parents, or despite their parents) or because they have yet to see the meaning of it for themselves; for those students and parents who have struggled valiantly despite all the odds stacked against them and who continue to seek the almost impossible; for all those students and parents who are desperate to achieve above and beyond all likely expectations; some of our most dedicated and inspiring teachers in the maths department have been going the extra mile.

I salute all those teachers who have been giving up their evenings every week, a fair number of Saturdays since January, and also half terms and holidays to help students who are willing to go the extra mile.

Happy Easter Holidays.


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