We have had a ‘bunch’ of maths revision lessons in the past 10 days as the Maths GCSEs fall at the end of the exam timetable.
Since we have various students attempting either Modular, Linear (or both) to accommodate their needs we offered lots of maths preparation time. Not least because all their efforts have gone into the exams which have taken place before maths.

And how they responded.

A whole day of maths might be most people’s idea of a nightmare – but nearly ALL of our Year 11 turned up at 8:30am and virtually all of them stayed right through to the end of the day. Even the ones who avoided all other attempts to engage them in revision previously.
Our brilliant teachers rose to the challenge – offering a variety of activities, packaging the maths in palatable bitesize chunks, and repro worked around the clock to ensure we had all the copies we needed.
piles of papers
We opened up the room dividers and taught 2 classes in larger spaces to allow for team teaching and more one-to-one interventions for students.
Sustained at lunchtime by yummy samosas, we had a real party atmosphere, and a buzz of excitement you could feel all round school.
What to do with the Year 7, 8, 9, and 10 students we normally teach on Friday, one of the busiest days in our week? To the rescue, the English department with videos and discussions linked to their schemes of work, and the Year teams supervised in our lecture theatre.
lecture theatre
Our BSF building has come into its own the past couple of weeks, giving us greater flexibility than ever before.
We are very proud of our youngsters and the way they have matured this last year. Hopefully in August, they will have results which also do them justice.
motivational penguin

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