St George’s Day


How can you not like Google Art?

St Georges Day today – never mind the chap doing the rescuing, it’s the dragon that captures my imagination. Why would you want to eat fair maidens anyway – all that long hair and skinny bodies! I bet the dragon would have much preferred the horse to eat.

How many decent chaps are there out there today who would rescue a fair (or otherwise) maiden? And how many dragons are lurking waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting? And do dragons pounce?

I once read a children’s story book called Ta Lung about some chinese dragons who were actually the rivers in China personified – or dragonified. No longer in print but it would be nice to see it again.

A few dragons we have loved in our household:

dragonheart how-to-train-your-dragon mulan-mushu-dragon-dettoldisney-wordpress-com1petesdragon  Prince-Phillip-and-the-Dragon

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